Have you ever really given much thought to your business? Can you remember the first time you learned it, or think about the first time you wrote it? Did you ever think this may be your brand for a lifetime?

I attended graduation last Saturday, it absolutely was excellent. I was pretty impressed with one of the speakers and thought I would write about it today. He started discussing how in kindergarten we are taught how to write our name. You first discover ways to hold that pencil and get the letters from your alphabet.

Your teacher helps you put those letters together to create your reputation, and then you go home plus your parents, siblings and perhaps even your grandparents all partake in this first special day. You practice and use writing your business and soon you get it perfect. This is the beginning to build your brand, your signature, your reputation! Little do you realize at the moment in your life that something so important was going on.

How many times do you consider you wrote your reputation on the top of your respective papers while you were in college?

Every paper had your signature right at the pinnacle! I bet you can not even get near to the number. Then you graduate and you sign that diploma along with your signature. This is the beginning of your respective life. I bet most of us at this stage didn’t really even think about our name is our brand or how crucial that this can be likely to be for individuals down the road. When I got married I was very confused about how to proceed.

Do I keep my maiden name, my husband’s name, or use both? HUM? Well, I did decide to consider my husband’s last name. I guess that is a choice many of us girls encounter if we marry. It was a hardcore one to me! My new identity began with my new name, logo, and my signature. When someone does a Google search for your reputation, what’s going to they find? You had better hope that it will be something you want there. This is the age of the world wide web and what you do online can be found. Are you even curious?

Well here is a great free tool that can be used. You will need to use a Google g-mail account to work with this, but now you may buy one, it’ll only take that you simply a couple of minutes to acquire this setup. Then go to Google Alert, click create a stern reminder, and set your company name inside the search query field. Anytime your reputation pops up online you are going to now learn about it. It is very important to hold tabs on these kinds of information, this really is your company name, your brand, your reputation, and that is how others see YOU!

Make sure almost everything which you write is one thing you would be proud to have associated with your brand, both today and years later on. How think people see you? Do you have a Bio made? Is it something you are able to call your personal? My name is Chery Schmidt, I Live inside the Beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin.

Blessed Mother and Grandma that Loves life, Former Bar Manager turned full-time Network Marketer who is Passionate about Helping Average People Build their Business with all the Training & Tools – Proven System and Support! I like to live, laugh, and enjoy the greatest joy during my life is my children. I live in positive emotions and I wish to surround myself with positive like-minded people who possess a burning wish to succeed. I’m a typical gal but extraordinary ambition and work are just reality!